Money Transfer (Bank account) If you’re seeking the most cost-effective way to make a transaction, then why not consider a bank transfer?
You can use your online (Internet) or telephone banking services to transfer your payment directly into our business bank account.
Available for any order amount… For payment related issues contact us . Please send to ticket.

Bitcoin payment now available….

How long do transfers take?


SEPA Instant Euro bank transfers usually take up to 10 seconds when available on the sender side and the recipient account is at a SEPA Instant participating institution. All iCard Digital Wallet customers are now able to send and receive SEPA Instant transfers into bank accounts across Europe.
SEPA Euro incoming and outgoing transfers usually take between 1-2 business days and are available if your sender institution does not provide SEPA Instant. If the transfer is not instant, and it has been made right before a weekend or bank holiday, the time frame will be extended into the next working day.
SWIFT international bank transfers may take between 1-3 business days, or more, depending on the number of corresponding banks and national holidays around the world.