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Where do you ship from?

We are shipping from within the EU.

How do you package and send your products?

The products are packed in special sachets made of folio paper. Attached on each sachet there is a label indicating the name of the product. Please pay attention to the name on the label as this differce from the chemicals IUPAC name. In the sachet you will find the product in a zip locked bag for better storage. We send out the sachets in plain envelopes without indicating its contents, no mention of product names or the website name on the outside of the envelope.

Which countries are included/excluded from shipping?

Please note that shipping is subject to legislation as well, therefor it can differ from time to time.

We deliver to all countries which are listed at checkout in our webshop. 

What is your average delivery time?

Depending on the shipping option you have choosen, the average delivery time is 2-7 business days. Please note that this applies ONLY after we have received payment.

Why am I unable to track my order?
  • If you have requested Regular Mail as a shipping option we do not have a tracking number as this type of mail has none.
  • If you have requested Registered Mail as a shipping option, we will send you a tracking number by email. You can also login under My Account to find your tracking number there. If you have not received a tracking number AND the status of your order is on “Complete”, please send a message to Customer Service
I have lost/forgotten my password.

Please go to My Account on top of our website. After this you can click on “Lost Your Password?”.

I would like to delete/cancel my account.

Please send in a ticket with your request and we will remove your details from our system.

Which languages can I use to contact Customer Service?

You can communicate with our Customer Service in English.

I am unable to register on your website, can you help me?

You need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the registration email we have send you. Please check your email’s spam folder. If there is no registration email, please contact Customer Service.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by clicking on the “cancel” button. Please note that this only applies for orders for which you have not yet done payment. Orders for which you have send in payment are considered as a purchased order.

My order has the status "Payment Pending", what does this mean?

We have not yet received your payment, please complete your payment within the next 7 days.

In case you made payment already, please send in a ticket with a copy of proof of payment attached.

My order has the status "Processing", what does this mean?

We have received and confirmed your payment, we are processing your order. Your purchase will be shipped as soon as possible.

My order has the status "Complete", what does this mean?

Your order has been shipped. Please note the following:

  • If you have requested Regular Mail as a shipping option we do not have a tracking number as this type of mail has none.
  • If you have requested Registered Mail as a shipping option, we will send you a tracking number by email. You can also login under My Account to find your tracking number there.
My order has the status "Canceled", what does this mean?

You have placed an order with us, though we have not received payment within 30 days. After this period of time, we automatically cancel your order. If you did send in payment, please notify Customer Service by sending in a ticket.

Billing & Payments

Products & Sales

What payment options do you have?

You can pay with Bank Wire transfers at this moment. There will be more payment options available in the near future.

How do bank transfer transactions work?

Payments by bank transfer mean ease of payment all over the world.  The bank transfer is a method of payment that is not executed automatically.

Consumer must also fill in Subject order number..

What are these products for?

The products available on our website are experimental chemicals that are used for scientific research purposes ONLY, in laboratories equipped according to the latest standards imposed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry! Research should be conducted by a certified chemist with a proper license! THE CHEMICALS OFFERED BY OUR COMPANY ARE STRICTLY NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION & SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR VETERINARY PURPOSES! This class of chemicals has undergone virtually no human or animal toxicity studies and there is little to no data on possible long or short term effects.

If I need a product which is not listed on your website, what do I do?

All the products available at the moment are listed on our web-site. We currently research the market and try our best to meet needs and demands of our customers. Our stock is being constantly updated with new products.In order to receive latest updates from our company about new products and/or discounts, you can sign-up for our newsletters from our homepage.

Can I get a discount?

Please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept updated on our products, pricing and promotions.

How pure are your products?

The purity of our products has been specified in the product description.

Legality & Market Information


What are your security policies?

Our online ordering system makes use of the latest technology on secure encryption. All personal data and credit card information is submitted with the highest level of security. Please note that we do not store any payment related information!

Please also read our Privacy Policy.

Is it legal?

Due to constant changes in the EU laws for various chemicals we hereby want to inform you, that you are responsible for checking if the product you order can be legally imported in your country. We can’t take any responsiability for this.

The products we sell are unregulated in most countries we ship to, though we are not legal experts. It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the chemicals they order are not controlled in their country and if they are that they obtain any necessary licenses or permits that may be required by their authorities to import or use the chemicals in any way. You are more than welcome to provide us with additional sources on regulative matters concerning our products, please notify us.

To prevent abuse and to facilitate our customers access to legal information we have started a database with a collection of several drug and pharmaceutical laws. Please help us to expand this database by sharing links. All the information you will find on this website are without any guarantees.

Is it legal in my country?

Continent Europe   info 

Country Legal Profiles( choice your country)  info 

Netherlands  info

How can i become a VIP member?

Please register on our website and send in a ticket with your request. We will contact you about the possibilities as soon as possible.